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Sociological Bulletin is published thrice a year: January-April, May-August, and September-December. The journal was published biannually from 1952 to 2003, and became a triannual publication from 2004.

Sociological Bulletin carries reports on research conducted both in India and abroad by professional Sociologists and Anthropologists. Over the last five decades, the journal has been advancing the frontiers of knowledge about Indian society and its social institutions and culture, its structure and dynamics of change. It has been contributing to our understanding of other societies as well.

The journal meets the needs of higher education in India and provides for specialists and non specialists alike. It also serves as an important source material for University students and researchers.


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Office Bearers

Paramjit S. Judge (Amritsar), Managing Editor

(From January 2016-December 2017)
Sujata Patel (Hyderabad), Abha Chauhan (Jammu), Biswajit Ghosh (Burdwan),

(From January 2016-December 2020)
Virginius Xaxa (Gauhati), Kalpana Kannabiran (Hyderabad),
Kamala Ganesh (Mumbai), Nandini Sundar (Delhi)


(From January 2016-December 2020)
Dalia Chakrabarti (Kolkata), Sudha Sitharaman-(Pondicherry), Kulwinder Kaur (New Delhi) Aparna Rayaprol (Hyderabad), Kedlezo Kikhil (Tezpur), R. N. Sharma (Patna)
Rambabu (Mumbai), Abdul Matin (Aligarh)



Indian Sociological Society (ISS) has started an international journal in Hindi entitled, ‘ Bhartiya Samajshastra Sameeksha’ on January 2014. It has already published 4 issues and fifth is in continuing process of publication. We are trying to create a sociological forum for establishing research through Hindi medium. The journal endeavours to give coverage of teachers and researchers’ articles, papers, comments in Hindi to cater to the social scientists of Hindi speaking belt so far it has being a biannual journal of sociologists’ research , essays, interviews, comments, book reviews and various other academic activities highlighting them in a systematic manner. The journal is a going to be a strong medium of creating discourse in sociology with the help of the sociologists at global and national level. We believe that such an endeavour will get ready cooperation from teachers, scholars, publishers and students. In order to make your cooperation by way of taking membership of the journal and contributing your research articles on topical issues of sociological relevance. Its membership fee for one year is Rs. 400/- for two years 700/- and for three years 1000/-; and institutional membership for one year is Rs. 500/-. We also appeal to its old member to renew their membership by sending membership fee accordingly. We hope to get your cooperation. Membership form can be downloaded from the ISS Website.

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Feel free to contact for any other information from the ISS office writing on following e-mail addresses:

ISS office: iss.sameeksha@gmail.com
The Editor of the Sameeksha, Prof. B.K. Nagla: bnagla@yahoo.com


Bhartiya Samajshastra Sameeksha


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