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Indian Sociological Society

The Indian Sociological Society as a professional body has come of age. The Society stands as a shining example of how academic affairs of a social science discipline could be organised and how Sociologists, young and old from different regions of India having academic interest in diverse fields of specialisation could be brought on one forum.


           Our Journal Sociological Bulletin is listed in SCOPUS   RC32: Women,Gender,and Society Essay Competition  ISA Membership Grants for Students 


sociologyThe Indian Sociological Society was set up in Bombay with the initiative of Prof. G. S. Ghurye, Head of the Department of Sociology, University of Bombay. The Society was registered in December 1951 under the Societies Registration Act. G. S. Ghurye was the Founder-President. Prof. J. V. Fereira followed by Prof. K. M. Kapadia were the Secretaries. Prof. Ghurye served as President of the ISS from 1951 to 1966. The Society started a biannual journal Sociological Bulletin from March 1952. It held seminars/workshops occasionally on selected themes but did not organize large conferences. With the initiative taken by Prof. R. N. Saxena, from the year 1955 onwards six All India Sociological Conferences (AISC) were held in different parts of the country.

Achivement Awards

Prof. Gail Omvedt

Prof. M.N. Karna

Prof. Anand Kumar

Prof. Bidyut Joshi

Prof. Shyam Lal

Prof. N. Jayaram

Prof. M.S.Gore

Prof. Ramkrishna Mukherji

Prof. Y.B. Damle

Prof. Victor D’Souza

Prof. Yogedra Singh

Prof. Leela Dube

Prof. Brij Raj Chauhan

Prof. P. C. Joshi

Prof. T. N. Madan

Prof. Andre Beteille

Prof. A. M. Shah

Prof. Bela Duttagupta

Prof. Suma Chitnis

Prof. D. N. Dhanagare

Prof. T. K. Oommen

Prof. S. K. Srivastava

Prof. P. K. B. Nayar

Prof. J. P. S. Uberoi

Prof. C. Lakshmanna

Prof. U. B. Bhoite

Prof. K. L. Sharma

Prof. Parha Nath Mukherji

Prof. Ravindra K. Jain

Prof. Satyendra Tripathi

Prof. Prakash N. Pimpley

Prof. Imtiaz Ahmad

Prof. Ramesh C. Tiwari

Prof. Y. C. Simhadri

Prof. Ishwar Prasad Modi

Prof. Harish Doshi

Prof. Patricia Uberoi

Prof. Yogesh Atal

Prof. Ratna Naidu

Prof. Nandu  Ram

International collaborations

ISS had a strong international presence since it has been established in 1951. It has been a member of the International Sociological Association (ISA) from 1950 onwards and its members have represented India in ISA’s executive and as its officers since its inception.

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