Research Committees
RC-1: History of Sociology
         (Adhoc) Convenor: Nilika Mehrotra   (2022-2023)
         Associate Professor
         Centre for the Study of Social System,
         JNU, New Delhi.
         Mobile : 9868763516
RC-2: Studies on Family, Marriage and Kinship
Convenor: Mahesh Shukla (2020-2021, 2022-2023)
Professor of Sociology, 
Govt. TRS College of Excellence nm
Rewa – 486001,
Madhya Pradesh
Mobile: 9425184505
RC-3: Economy and Society
       Convener: R. Maruthakutti (2022-2023)
        Department of Sociology
        Manonmanian Sunderam University
        Tirunelveli - 627012
        Tamil Nadu
RC-4: Migration and Diaspora Studies (2020-2021, 2022-2023)
         Convener: Muneer Illath
         Department of Sociology,
         University of Allahabad
         Mobile :089538 43969 
RC-5: Sociology of Education  (2022-2023)
Convenor : PH. Mohammad 
Department of Sociology
Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad
Mobile: 9866399577
RC-6: Sociology of Religion
Convenor: M.T Joseph (2023-2024)
Retired Professor of Sociology
Mumbai Univesity, Mumbai, Maharashtra
E. mail:
Mobile: 86522 89533

RC-7: Adivasi and Tribal Studies
Convenor: Sukant K. Chaudhury  (2022-2023)Split from previously titled RC 07 'Rural, Peasant and Tribal Communities'.)
Professor of Sociology,
Department of Sociology, University of Lucknow
Lucknow - 226007 (U.P)
Mobile: 9415011894
RC-8: Inequalities, Stratification and Exclusion Studies
Convenor : Parvez Ahmed Abassi (2022-2023)( New name for previously titled RC 08 Social 'Stratification, Professions and Social Mobility')
Retd. ProfessorDepartment of Sociology
Veer Narmada South Gujurat University
        Surat - 395007
        Mobile: 9824181872

RC-9: Dalit Studies
Convenor: Iswar Naik  (2020-2021, 2022-2023)
Assistant Professor
        Department of Sociology,  
        Ravenshaws University, Cuttack, Odisha
         Convener  : Rajni Bala (2022-2023)
         Associate Professor and Head
         Department of Sociology
         Baring Union Christian College
         Batala, Gurdaspur
         Punjab - 143505
         Mobile: 9417195262
RC-11: Sociology of Environment
Convenor:Amar Pal Singh  (2022-2023)
        Associate Professor
        SRM University,
        Lucknow, UP 
        Email :
RC-12: Sociology of Health, Ageing and Well-Being 
Convenor: Mohammad Akram  (2022-2023)
Professor of Sociology,
Department of Sociology,
Aligarh Muslim University,
Aligargh - 202002
Mobile: 94119 83487
RC-13: Science, Technology & Society
Convenor:  Manoj  Kumar Jena  (2022-2023)
Associate Professor,
Centre for Study of Social System,
School of Social Sciences,
Jawaharlal Nehru University,
New Delhi-110067
Mobile: 9811446273
 RC-14: Globalization and Culture
Convenor: Pankaj Kumar Singh (2023-2023)
Assistant Professor and Head
Department of Sociology
Maharana Pratab Govt. PG College,
Bilsi - 243633
Uttar Pradesh
E. mail:
Mobile: 9415563355
RC-15: Social Transformation and Development
Convenor:Ashutosh Vyas (2020-2021, 2022-2023)
Proffesor of Sociology
         M.P Govt. P.G College
         Chittorgarh- 312002
         Mobile- 9414734724
RC-16: Work, Labour and Organization
Convener: Pranjal Sarma (2022-2023)
Professor, Department of Sociology
Dibugarh University, Assam
Mobile- 9435803047
RC-17: Sociology of Social Movements
 Convener: Rohit Jain (2020-2021, 2022-2023)
Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Solapur Campus
Mobile: 9405247320

RC-18:Social Demography  
Convenor: Sandip Chaudhari (2023-2024)
Professor and Head
Department of Sociology
SBES College of Arts and Commerce
Aurangabad - 431001 (Maharashtra) 
Mobile: 9822510044

RC-19: Urban Studies
Convenor: Manoj Teotia (2022-2023)
Assistant Professor
Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID), 2A, Sector 19A, Chandigarh5
E. Mail:
Mobile: 8283825534
RC-20: Media Studies
Convenor: Kali Nath Jha (2023)
Department Of Sociology,
Hari Singh Gaur, Central University
Sagar, MP
Mobile: 9981758776
RC-21: Political Sociology
         Convenor:  Bhup Singh Gaur (2022-2023)
        Dornarcharya Goverment College,
Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak
        Mobile: 9431413815
RC-22: Conflict and Violence Studies
Convenor (Adhoc): Sanjay Kolekar  (2022)
Department of Sociology
Savitribhai Phule Pune University,
Pune, Maharashtra 411007
E. mail:
Mobile: 9850029079
RC-23: Sociology of Law, Crime and Deviance
Convenor: Rabindra Kumar Mohanty (2020-2021, 2022-2023) (Merged with RC 18 'Sociology of Crime and Deviance'.)
Professor and Head,Department of Sociology,
Mizoram University
Aizawl - 796004
E-mail: /
Mobile: 9437277597
RC-24: Sociology of Childhood and Youth
Convenor: Subhashis Bandopadhyay (2022-2023)
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Indian Institute of Engineering, Science and Technology
E. Mail:
Mobile: 98369 45013 
RC-25: Sociology of Sports
Convenor: Ravi Prakash (2020-2021, 2022-2023)
Govt. Degree College 
Nanauta,Sharanpur - 247452
Uttar Pradesh
E. mail:
Mobile: 09412246301
RC-26: Minority Studies   
        Convenor : Imtiaz Ahmed Ansari (2022-2023)
        Associate Professor
        Department of Sociology
        Jamia Millia Islamia
        New Delhi - 110025
        Mobile: 9891486123
RC-27: Sociology of Care
Convenor: Soumyajit Patra, (2022-2023) ('Mother and Motherhood'changed name, 'Sociology of Care')
Department of Sociology
SKB University, 
West Bengal
Mobile: 8240014219/9474978911
RC-28: Sociology of Everyday Life
Convenor: Sanjay Roy  (2022-2023)
Department of Sociology
North Bengal University, 

Mobile:9434875610 / 9609486579 
         Upcoming Events
        Convener: Prof. Abdul Matin 
        Retired Prof. of Sociology
        Email id:
        Mobile: 7896966597
All RC members who have had current membership for 2/5 years in RCs whose names have changed are informed that they can choose to be part of their previously named RC or change to new RCs by informing the Society's office. Their membership will remain valid for the years for which they have paid their dues.


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