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A   Requirements and procedures for applying for the conference:

1. The invitation to host the conference may come from Vice Chancellors of Universities, Directors of Research Institutes or Heads of Institutions/ regional associations or group of universities/institutions/Departments in a city endorsing a letter from Heads of the Departments asserting that the financial allocation and infrastructure for conducting the conference is available.

2. In case the invitation is from a University, it should preferably have a separate Department of Sociology which would benefit from the conference.

3. The host University/Institution/Regional Association/groups of Department can approach institutions like the UGC, ICSSR, Ministries of Government of India, Research Foundations, other universities/institutes, etc. for mobilizing resources for holding the conference with prior information to the President, ISS.

4. The All India Sociological Conference is generally for four days for 1500 plus delegates.

5. The registration may or may not cover accommodation and food, both of which can be paid separately by delegates. However, a list of guest houses/hotels with discounted rates specially organized for the conference be provided for delegates and the organizing committee may help
delegates to secure such accommodation.

6. Registered delegates will be served food (from 1st  day inaugural dinner to 4th day lunch)

7. Young Researcher’s workshop (about 50 delegates) be organized by the host institution one to two days in advance of the AISC. It is responsibility of the host Institution / University to arrange finance and logistic support etc. in consultation with the President, ISS.

8. The inauguration ceremony of the conference be commenced in the evening of the first day. It will also include the cultural programme and this will be followed by a special dinner. Invitees for the Inauguration and valedictory ceremony be decided in consultation with the President and Secretary.

9. Multiple registration counters/ help desk counters should be provided for all the days of the conference.

10. Infrastructure should include one large auditorium for inauguration/plenary or symposia/GB meeting/Valedictory meeting. In addition, 28 rooms for concurrent running of RC meetings (preferably with PPT) , a room for the MC/RC Conveners meeting or Regional Associations meeting on the 1st day, space for ISS Office with provision for telephone, PC with internet, Xerox machine, fax machine may be provided. The ISS office should be located close to the registration counter. The University/Regional Association/Group of Departments can also hold the conference in a Convention Hall.


B    Guidelines for organizing the conference:

1. The conference may be organized a) With accommodation and b) without accommodation and accordingly, the Host University/Regional University/Group of department will in consultation with the President, Secretary and Treasurer decide the amounts to be paid for Registration by delegates and accompanying persons:

(a) Amount for advance registration for Life Members (with and without accommodation). Registration should start 3 (three) months in advance of the conference

(b) Amount for late registration for Life Members (with and without accommodation). This registration should be initiated 4 weeks prior to the conference and close down 1 week before the conference. 

(c) On-the-spot registration for Life Members (without accommodation).

(d) Accompanying persons will pay double the amounts in advance, late and on-the-spot registration. They will not be entitled to conference kits.

(e) Concessions may be given to Students/Research Scholars

(f) On cancellation of registration within the stipulated Time, 75 per cent of the amount will be refunded.

2. The theme of the conference will be decided by the President of the Society who will also decide the names of the plenary speakers, chairs and send invitations to them. The President will also decide (in consultation with the M.N. Srinivas and Radhakamal Mukerjee Committees) the invited speakers to deliver the Srinivas and Mukerjee lectures.

3. Each conference will publish a volume based on the plenary/symposia theme. The plenary speakers will be given enough notice so that draft papers will be ready at the plenary/symposia and after revision, the same published as a volume to be edited by the President.

4. The ISS Office will announce the details of the conference and send the registration forms through the Newsletter to all members of the ISS. Members attending the conference should fill in the Registration form online.

5. Registration process of the conference will be done by the office of Indian Sociological Society through the online process. After deducting 20 per cent of the registration fee, the rest of the amount will be transferred to the account of the organizing secretary. However, 50 per cent of the surplus mobilization over the expenditures should be shared with the ISS within two months of holding the Conference.

6. A separate bank account in the name Organising Secretary AISC be opened by the host institution where the ISS office will transfer the amounts deducting 20% of the registration amount.

7. Accommodation should be provided for around 60 Special Invitees consisting of ISS Managing Committee Members, RC Conveners, Office bearers, Sociological Bulletin Editorial Board members, Samajshastra Sameesha Editorial Board members, office staff, plenary/symposia speakers, Life time achievement awardees and those giving the M.N.Srinivas and R.K.Mukerjee lectures within 5-10 minutes walking distance.

8. Travel expenses of Chief Guest/Keynote speaker, plenary/symposia speakers, valedictory speaker, and chairpersons, etc. Managing Committee members and Conference staff of the Indian Sociological Society have to be borne by the host University. (There are 15 MC members, 2 office bearers and 12 SB/Sameeksha/E Journal Editorial Board members, 3 Journal Editors plus  staff members of the ISS office (all 2 AC Sleeper fare) and 12 plenary speakers (air fare)

9. Directions for reaching the venue from nearby railway station, Airport and by vehicle should be provided in advance on the Conference website.

10.      A) with accommodation model: Delegates should be informed of the accommodation arrangements in advance so that they can reach their place of stay on arrival.

           B) Without accommodation model: Organizer may facilitate accommodation for registered delegates through agencies / on a direct payment basis to guest houses/hotels. However, students and research scholars may be given accommodation in a subsidized rate.

11. Pick up and drop arrangements should be made to office bearers, MC Members, invited speakers etc. from the nearest Airport / Railway Station of the host institution/ University.

12. Organizers may facilitate travel agencies/ travel desk for local transport for delegates.13. A model schedule of the conference is prepared for ready reference. The Organizing Committee should maintain this schedule and the sessions.

14. The plenary/symposia will have 3 speakers plus chair with each speaker presenting their papers in 20 minutes with the chair conducting a discussion for the rest of the 30 minutes. There can be more plenaries but these need to be slotted as parallel sessions.

15. A plenary of regional associations can be held as a parallel session. This can be organized by a group of regional associations in collaboration with the Organising committee.

16. The Organising Committee should also ensure that there is one extra plenary: on international sociology/South Asia during the conference if possible.

17. Printed certificates for the participants and paper presenters should be prepared by the Organising Committee, and signed by the President and Secretary of the ISS, and Organising Secretary of the Conference. The Organising Secretary will finalize the text of the certificates in consultation with the ISS Office.

18. Abstracts of the papers duly approved and sent by the RC Conveners shall be made available to delegates as soft or hard copies through the souvenir.

19. Printing of the programme should be done in consultation with the ISS President/Secretary. Delegates should be encouraged to accept soft copies as this will cut expenses.

20. Provisions should be made for holding a book exhibition during the Conference. Booksellers and Publishers should be approached in this connection and a fee may be charged.

21. All letter pads, posters, banners, documents, etc., prepared for the Conference should carry the name of Indian Sociological Society.

22. No programme outside those listed in the programme should be held under the auspices of the AISC.

23. The Organising Secretary should submit a detailed statement of income and expenditure to the ISS within two months of the
conference. An audited statement of accounts should also be sent duly signed by a chartered accountant.