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Explorations is a double - blind peer reviewed open access journal . It is published twice a year: (April and October). Copyright is retained by Indian Sociological Society, New Delhi as well as the author on submission. All rights reserved. Except for citations in scholarly works, no part of the journal may be reproduced in any form without permission.


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The journal encourages data based (both primary and secondary) quality research publications using sociological concepts and theories. It is open to both quantitative and qualitative works. Besides regular research papers, the journal includes sections such as interviews, commentaries and debates and discussions. Learn More >>

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Address all editorial correspondence to:
Professor Nagaraju Gundemeda ,
Editor, Explorations (ISS e-journal),
Department of Sociology, University of Hyderabad,
Hyderabad, India
Email address: explorationsiss@gmail.com

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Vol. 7 (3), December 2023
Vol. 7 (2), August 2023
Vol. 7 (1), April 2023
Vol. 6 (2), October 2022
Vol. 6 (1), April 2022
Vol. 5 (2), October 2021
Vol. 5 (1), April 2021
Vol. 4 (2), October 2020
Vol. 4 (1), April 2020
Vol. 3 (2), October 2019
Vol. 3 (1), April 2019
Vol. 2 (2), October 2018