P.S. Vivek


Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Mumbai, Vidyanagari, Santacruz (East), Mumbai (Maharashtra)



Dr. P. S. Vivek has been a Professor of Sociology at the University of Mumbai. He has 34 years of experience in teaching and research in India and abroad. He has guided several doctoral scholars for their Ph.D degree. He has earned expertise in several areas of Sociological research: Rururban Studies, Occupational sociology, Visual Sociology, Sociology of Garbage and Waste, and Sociology of Spitting. Currently, he is involved in two major research projects: “A study of Sociology of ‘Public Spitting’ in Asia” & “Role of Taxi Trade in Mega-cities with special reference to Mumbai”. He was invited for establishing the Department of Diaspora and Transnational Studies at Rabindranath Tagore Institute in Mauritius(2016). He has also established two Departments for teaching Sociology in affiliated colleges in Mumbai. Professor Vivek has been a recipient of Indo-Shastri Canadian Institute International Fellowship for the year 2007. He has been a member of several professional bodies in India & Abroad. 

Dr. Vivek has presented 85 research papers in National and International seminars and conferences and has published 52 Articles in reviewed Journals and magazines in India & abroad. He has been the author of Ten books including The struggle of man against power: Revelation of 1984 Bhopal Tragedy (July 1990); Sociological concepts and Institutions (June 1993); The Scavengers: Exploited class of city professionals (March 1998); From Indentured Labour to Liberated Nation: Public Police and Small Planters in Mauritius (July 2007); World of Garbage and Waste, (July 2015).